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LED industry present situation: "happy" in "painful" ground forward

With the global market demand LED to increase, the future China LED industry development are faced with great opportunities, but there are also unprecedented challenges. At present, LED the core technology and patent basic by foreign monopoly. Can say, the LED industry is in "happy" in "painful" ground forward.

The international field of vision of the LED industry

At present, the global initially has formed in Asia, North America, Europe three large area as the center of industry structure, with Japan's day and chemical, Toyota synthesis, American kori, pury and Germany osram for patent core technology competition pattern, from Japan, the United States, Europe's several big international manufacturers which represents the current LED upstream level, the industry has a great influence to the development. This kind of influence is reflected not only in the product and income, more important is the technology of monopoly, more than 50% of the core patent is held in the hands of a few big manufacturers. But in China LED is at a low level, 80% of products focus on landscape lighting, traffic light applications market, general lighting market is still in promotion of.

Along with the vigorous development of domestic LED the market, more and more foreign enterprises turned to look Chinese. In recent years, our country accept LED field of patent applications, significantly increased year by year. According to the state intellectual property office development research center in the semiconductor lighting patent risk analysis research report says, the global now 22 countries and regions in our country apply for a patent, the top five countries respectively are Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. Among them, the Japanese to 1306 pieces of the number of an application for a patent for far ahead, accounting for 24% of the total application. In the effective patent, domestic and abroad in China an application for a patent for an application for a patent for the proportion is about 4:5. But in the domestic patent application, Taiwan area occupies a large amount of share, the effective patent of invention accounted for 53%. From the distribution of industry chain to see, foreign companies mainly in the chip, packaging field of patent is more, half of the LED core inventions in our country puts forward the patent application, foreign LED enterprise master the most core patent technology




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