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Global LED End User Products’ Penetration will Rise in 2013

In terms of regional markets, Japan lighting makers have penetrated 30%-50% of market at average on the issue of LED products. Some of them even got a 70%-90% penetration rate on it. With the reason of earlier introduction of market, and longer life of LED than incandescent lamp, it’s predicted that Japan will increase exporting 29.5 million (+2.6%YoY) LED bulbs in 2012. LED tube and other high attached value lighting fixtures will lead the Japan’s market in the second part of 2012 and the whole 2013.

American’s lighting market released a Rebate Plan for LED bulbs, tubes and lighting products by regional hydropower companies in 2012. In this plan it confined lighting products must be certificated with Energy Star or DesignLight Consortium, and it encourage customers to remake and renew fixtures, as well as prompt energy saving. Besides, since 2012 LED commercial lighting suppliers have rolled up, products’price dropped gradually and obviously. What’s more, in 2012 there ran up more and more office buildings, shops, storages and hotels, which stimulate market demand for LED commercial lights. Perhaps, America will take over Japan market and become the next main market for LED.

China’s LED Street lighting projects was not so good as expected at the first half of 2012. That is because the grant-in-aid policies were uncertain and sluggish market demand causing by European debt crisis. Some LED lighting makers, whose products are mainly exported abroad, have taken a terrible beating. With the grant-in-aid policies were determined, it’s predicted that the government will release 1.6 billion RMB for promoting LED lighting application, which will spur 4 billion LED lighting market demand.




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